Bangkok international hospitals with maternity facilities

Centuries ago, births in Bangkok were home-based, guided by experienced midwives. However, with urbanization and medical advancements, hospitals began emerging, providing a safer environment for childbirth, eventually becoming centers of excellence in maternal care.

In today’s world, Bangkok’s maternity hospitals offer a gamut of services catering to every stage of pregnancy.

From the first ultrasound to regular check-ups, these hospitals ensure both the mother and the baby are in perfect health, providing consultations and addressing any concerns.

Whether it’s a natural birth or a C-section, Bangkok’s hospitals are equipped for every scenario. Post-delivery, the hospitals offer top-notch post-partum care, ensuring that the mother and the newborn are healthy.

For premature babies or those with medical conditions, the NICUs in these hospitals are equipped with the latest technology and expert staff to offer unparalleled care.

Beyond regular services, some hospitals also provide specialized services like fertility treatments and counseling, ensuring every woman’s maternal journey is smooth.

From state-of-the-art delivery rooms to advanced monitoring systems, these hospitals offer the best in maternal care technology.

The NICUs in these hospitals have cutting-edge equipment to provide the best care for newborns, from ventilators to specialized feeding systems.

While the cost varies based on the hospital and services availed, Bangkok offers affordable maternity care compared to Western countries.

Bumrungrad International Hospital

Located in the heart of Bangkok, Bumrungrad International Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in Southeast Asia. It boasts a capacity of over 500 beds and is renowned for its comprehensive medical services.

Maternity Facilities: The hospital has a dedicated Women’s Center that provides a full range of obstetrics and gynecology services. The maternity ward is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and experienced staff to ensure the comfort and safety of both mother and child.

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

Part of the Samitivej group of hospitals, this facility has been serving the Bangkok community and international patients for decades.

Maternity Facilities: Offers the “Samitivej Birthing Center”, a fully-equipped facility providing pre-natal classes, delivery rooms, post-natal care, and more.

Bangkok Hospital

Bangkok Hospital is a renowned healthcare institution and is part of the expansive Bangkok Hospital Group, the largest hospital network in Thailand.

Maternity Facilities: The hospital’s Women’s Health Center provides comprehensive maternity services, from pre-conception counseling to postnatal care. They also offer special childbirth packages.

BNH Hospital (Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital)

Established in 1898, BNH Hospital has grown from a nursing home to a fully-fledged international hospital.

Maternity Facilities: BNH’s Women’s Health Center provides obstetrics services, including pre-natal care, childbirth, and post-natal care in a serene environment. They emphasize personalized care and natural birth processes.

Praram 9 Hospital

Established in 1992, Praram 9 Hospital offers a wide range of medical services with state-of-the-art equipment.

Maternity Facilities: The hospital’s maternity care encompasses regular check-ups, birthing plans, delivery, and post-delivery care. Special emphasis is given to ensure that both mother and baby receive top-notch care.

Vejthani Hospital

Located in the eastern part of Bangkok, Vejthani Hospital provides high-quality healthcare services to both local and international patients.

Maternity Facilities: The Vejthani Women’s Health Center offers comprehensive services from experienced gynecologists and pediatricians, ensuring both mother and child are well-taken care of.

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